A few weeks later…

Hey, there! As you may or may not know, my name is Janeth, and I am the author of this blog. I shall write about my thoughts, and daily life things that happen that I wish to share. ^.^

So… It’s been a few weeks since the last time I’ve posted anything on this blog. My days have consisted of work and sleep… I also temporally stop going to gym, but despite all this… in between the work, and sleep… I have been watching a few shows and some films… some of them including Fresh Off the Boat, American Housewife, The Middle, The Princess Dairies, and a others, including some new ones… 

such as….

  • HBO’s West World (2016) –Amazing! Mind Fu*k show. I recommend everyone to check it out. It currently has ten episodes, but has been renewed for a second season.
  • Bad Moms (2016 Film) – Hilarious! Not sure if the comedy is for everyone, but the film is pretty fun to watch, if you ask me.
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016) – It’s had been a while since I’ve watched the original series, but this four episode special, brought everything back. In my opinion it was a good… it made me feel all the emotions, and not only that… but made me want to re-watch the original series… which I now am…

This is currently all I can remember of my recently watched list. If I’ve missed anything worth mentioning I’ll just mention it later, on a future post.

I feel like I should probably write about stuff other then what I’ve been watching, but again, life has not been that interesting… maybe aside from a few personal things, but some things should not be shared… until a bit more time passes. Well, till next time. ^.^