Fast days, and a dream.

Hello, as you may or may not know… I am Janeth, the author of this blog. It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything here. So, just thought maybe I should post something like the dream I had today… or the fact that Halloween came and went. 

Incase you are curious I was a mushroom this year for Halloween. Yes, one of those last minute, make it yourself kind of costume. This Halloween was kind of a sad one, but it was still nice to stay in, and watch and nice horror thriller with the loved ones. We saw The Purge: Election Year… I don’t know about you, but I for one love the series. The concept is just horrifying.

The days have been going so, fast… soon it would be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and last but definitely not least the New Year. Which will be a sad year giving it will be a whole year since my grandfather, and dog past away.

I never met my grandfather so, my feelings go to my mother, but how I miss my beloved dog. I was young when we meet, and he grew up with us, and grew old with us, and past without us.

My youngest sister, literately grew up with him —he was her birthday gift at the age of four, and she misses him a whole lot.

Today, I had a bittersweet dream, about my youngest sister going to his grave. She would unbury him, so she can talk to him. I found it cute, because he would wake up, as if he never past away. Okay, maybe he did look like a dog that is a bit on the dead side, but it was HIM!

She would talk to him, he would be  his doggy like himself. Then she would bury him back, and to him it was like if he was just going back to sleep.When we found out about this she confessed that she started doing this for a while, but only a bit.

Somehow we needed up in a school gym, and my our first grade teacher —she taught all my siblings— told us to let our dog, Rest In Peace… that we cannot be doing that to him… It’s pretty much all I remember, and I know it’s an odd dream, but I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of the movie Frankenweenie (2012). 

Before I go… my other sister and I have been going to the gym still… and also got into two new shows: The Odd Couple (2015), and an actual new show American Housewife (2016)

And I enjoy them both, so good! ^.^ Alright this post is everywhere… I shall post again soon.

Nov 3, 2016 9:20 PM